Planting on Adelaide Avenue/Gorham

treeI hope everyone is having a good summer.  No news yet on the DEM Open Space grant that the City Parks Department applied for to begin building the park on the former Gorham site.  BUT – earlier in the year I told you all about a tree planting grant that Groundwork received to plant 80 trees around Mashapaug Pond.

We already did one planting of 20 trees in the spring at the Community Boathouse next to the pond behind the new Save-A-Lot.

We are gearing up for the second planting of 60 trees this fall – and need your help!  We will be planting a large number of trees on the Gorham property itself right at the property line where Crescent Street and Adelaide Avenue meet – building that stand of trees back up, since during the remediation a number of trees had to be taken down.

The City Forester, Doug Still, also gave the green light to plant trees along Adelaide Avenue itself – on both sides of the street (school side and homes side).  I will be going door to door on the street next week to check in with residents about these plans – we won’t plant in front of someone’s house if they don’t want us to.  It may be that we could also do some planting on the upper part of Crescent St. and Downing St. as well if there is interest.

I’ve heard from some of you – Ana, Diane, Ricardo, and others – that there is interest in more street trees in the neighborhood.  If you have any further ideas of locations where trees would be welcome – please let me know!

We will be looking for neighborhood volunteers to help plant the trees in the fall – we are currently looking atSaturday, September 24, 2016 as the date, but that is not yet confirmed.  There will be volunteers from TD Bank as well (who provided the funding), and we will be inviting Alvarez high school students and staff to volunteer as well.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns or ideas!

Thanks –


Amelia Rose
Executive Director
Groundwork Providence
1005 Main Street #1223
Pawtucket, RI 02860

(401) 559-2204 (cell) *preferred
(401) 305-7174 (office)

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